You Love Me and You're Gay

"Orange. Shark. No mint."

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My talents include watching the entirety of The West Wing in under two months and forgetting to text people back.
I Would Send You Roses:

My suitemate just came in and gave a very judgemental “you’re still up?”

Like yeah?? So are you??? That’s how we’re talking right now???

So, I’d just like to say I am happy to be here with my family. My super weird family with two black dads, and two Latina daughters, and two white sons, and… Gina. And I don’t know what you (Scully) are. Some strange giant baby? To the Nine Nine!

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Vampire Weekend - Ottoman

"Today is for you

They laid it out for you

For you

There will be six bells a-ringing and white women singing for you

But this feels so unnatural Peter Gabriel, too”

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